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Protect your pet's dental health

We offer advanced dental services to ensure your pet has excellent dental hygiene.

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Canine dental

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The doctors will evaluate your dog’s oral health during routine exams and offer tips to keep those pearly white smiles for years to come. When your canine companion needs a dental cleaning, we will provide you with a treatment plan to maintain good oral health.

While kitties are generally unwilling to allow routine brushing, it is important to maintain good oral health for your feline friend. If the doctor recommends a dental cleaning, we will provide you with the best treatment plan!

If necessary, we will remove broken, abscessed, or deciduous teeth under anesthesia. Cats may require extraction for teeth with feline odontoclastic resorptive lesions.

Safe sedation

High quality service

Professional team

To keep your pet comfortable, sedation is usually required during cleaning. We will do everything in our power to safely manage his or her pain.

Gingival Hyperplasia, or gum growths, can be dangerous to your pet’s health. We often remove and biopsy oral tumors due to their suspicious nature. Preventative care and regular dental cleanings can allow the doctor to thoroughly examine your pet’s mouth for dangerous lesions before they develop into something very serious.

We are a member of the Michigan Veterinary Medical Association and American Veterinary Medical Association.

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