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We Have Warm Hearts For Cold Noses

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24-hour emergency pet services

You can bring your cat, dog, or exotic pet to your clinic anytime day or night.

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Emergency surgery

Wound care

Pain management

If your pet has been injured in any way, immediately bring him or her to us. We are available 24 hours a day to help you. Please call ahead to notify the on-call doctor.

We utilize a variety of methods for wound care including laser therapy. You will see a licensed veterinarian during your visit, and we will give you in-depth care instructions.

Our doctors will monitor your pet and do everything possible to keep him/her free from pain should it be from a surgical procedure, injuries, or geriatric aches. We will do everything possible to keep your pet comfortable. We now offer Laser Therapy!

Quill removal

In-house laboratory

Experienced team

Has your dog or cat had a negative interaction with a porcupine? That is surprisingly common in our area. We will effectively remove any quills and care for the wound.

All necessary testing will be completed at our location. This reduces time and cost. We will have your results back quickly so we can begin treatment.

As a proud member of the Michigan Veterinary Medical Association, we are dedicated to providing you with friendly, personal service and first-class care.

Emergency care

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