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We Have Warm Hearts For Cold Noses

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Full service veterinary facility

When your pet is at Gwinn-Sawyer Veterinary Clinic, they are part of our family.

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Wellness exams

Dental care

Emergency service

Each Wellness Exam by our doctors involves a thorough examination of your pet. By letting our doctors know your questions or concerns regarding your pet’s health, we can address symptoms and complications before they develop into something serious.

Just like you, your pet requires proper dental hygiene. During your Wellness Exam, our doctors will evaluate your pet’s oral health. We offer tips on daily brushing or routine oral rinses. If the doctor recommends a dental cleaning, we will be happy to work with your schedule to shine up your pet's smile.

Emergency service is available 24 hours a day. You will meet with the same doctors you see in our practice each day. If it is not an emergency, we will try to you see within 24 hours.

Pain management

Wildlife care

Dedicated staff

We strive to keep your pet comfortable in all life stages. We offer post-operative and inury pain management as well addressing the aches and pains of aging. Talk with our doctors about what your pet is experiencing so that together you can develop a plan that will keep your furry companion happy and comfortable.

Please call if you have found injured wildlife. Our doctors donate their time and services in order to get the wildlife back in to the wild. We have many area rehabilitators that work closely with our clinic. Before moving an animal, please call for tips and directions.

All of our doctors and staff are dedicated to providing you and your pet with first-class service and medical attention.

Veterinary services gallery

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Baby Bunnies orphaned after Mother died. Almost ready to venture on own, so these bunnies only needed minimal care to get back to nature.

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