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We Have Warm Hearts For Cold Noses

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Comprehensive care for any pet

Dr. Jean Wilcox is experienced in all conditions and treatments.

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Feline wellness

Canine wellness

Pocket pets

During your cat’s examination, we will discuss his or her nutrition, parasite prevention, and overall health with you in detail. We also offer laser declawing.

Our doctors will work closely with you to keep your canine companion healthy and happy in all life stages through routine examinations, nutritional recommendations, parasite prevention, dental care, and geriatric pain management.

We have the training and skill necessary to care for a wide variety of pets including birds, exotic animals, small animals, and wildlife. If you don't see your pet listed, just ask!



Premium products

We provide all of the core and specialty vaccinations your feline

or canine requires for an affordable price. We also have an in-house laboratory for all testing.

HomeAgain is available for cats and dogs. The chip is painlessly inserted between the shoulder blades and lasts indefinitely. Your pet will permanently be able to be identified.

You can conveniently purchase top-quality food products, prescription diets, and flea/tick supplies directly from our clinic. Stop in at anytime.

Exams and vaccinations

Red cat with veterinarian doctor